Who is the Glasgow Gorilla

Hi! My name’s Chance Hoggan, and the Glasgow Gorilla is… me! Why? I’ll tell you: gorillas are the largest ape in the world – and we’re large enough to handle your requirements. They’re also capable of living anywhere from the seashore to high in the mountains – and we’re flexible enough to deal with your needs every time. Gorillas can travel many miles in search of food – and we always go the extra mile for our customers. They’re the dominant species wherever they live – and I have a proven record of success in the field of SEO. I’m writing this from my lair in Bath Street, Glasgow. Well, okay, it’s not really a lair; I like my workplaces to be a little more comfortable than that. In truth, it’s more of a nerve centre for everything we do here. From here, we work with the best companies in Glasgow, and help them to compete more effectively – whether locally or all over the world. I’ve worked all over the UK, in Spain, and in the USA and Canada, so I understand the global SEO marketplace. I’m not new to this, either – in fact, I held a director’s position in one of the first SEO companies to set up in Britain. I’ve been helping people for a long time, and I’d love to know how our creativity and dynamic energy could help you!

Why the Gorilla?

The world of search engine optimisation is a fast-moving one, and there’s no point in being stuck in the past in this business. To make sure we stay fresh and focused on today’s SEO challenges, we refresh our concept every few years. There’s no point boring people with a long lecture on web design theory, marketing and branding. We want our customers to have fun working with us, not fall asleep! Writers are often told: “Show, don’t tell”, and that’s what we do here – by showing what great SEO looks like in action. If you want to stand out in the marketplace, you need something special to attract new business. In short, you need buzz. We don’t just pick our brand and forget about what it means, either. We love to help others, and that doesn’t only mean our customers. We’ll be supporting the Gearing Up for Gorillas project, and helping conserve wild gorillas, by giving 5% of each and every sale we make to the campaign.