Ode To the SEO Of Yore

Come hither young millennials and sit on the floor
This ol’ dinosaur is going to roar about yore

SEO used to be totally different you see
We all got our rankings as easy as can be

Early on Google was nowhere to be found
AltaVista and Yahoo was our fertile ground

So easy to manipulate and beguile
The surge in our rankings made us all smile

Black on black and white on white
Hidden words made our rankings rise overnight

Not to mention the abuse of word repetition
That skyrocketed results like a showy magician

How easy it was to put out a guestbook blitz
And then sit back and watch the top ten glitz

We’d say “I’ll give you a link if you give one to me”
Building link popularity was so easy and free

Then once a month we all sat aroun’
Exchanging a flurry of posts as we counted down

We all watched those secret servers like a hawk
Reload and gawk and reload and squawk

We begged please oh please give us a glance
At the very first signs of the Google dance

“I moved up twelve points look at me!”
A braggadocio would post in glee

But the powerful Panda made our stomachs churn
When that Google darling did crash and burn

A once proud mug became a useless paper weight
A painful reminder of our emotional spate

Still there were more ways to game the system
But now all we can say is we sure do miss ’em

Alas the internet Wild Wild West
Amid whimpering campfires has been put to rest

So young millennials as you will see
We internet dinosaurs lament for thee

You missed the fun of the free gravy train
When effortless top ten rankings really did reign

You missed the good ol’ days as sweet as they be
But there’s a silver lining for you to see

The rankings back then came at a price
The quality of the websites wasn’t so nice

Surfers would click on the first few links
And look at the pages and exclaim, “This STINKS!”

Your readers will love you so much more
As you deliver true value for them to explore

So go out young millennials and make your sites great
Build up your loyalty and enjoy your fate!

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