What is Gorilla Marketing?

Out the Box Marketing

Gorilla marketing, not to be confused with guerrilla marketing, is an online marketing term unique to the Glasgow Gorilla, well-known for producing exceptional results in the field of web development. Virtually all of his clients end up dominating their respective niches and gorilla marketing is the key to this remarkable success.

Gorilla marketing combines the best attributes from conventional online marketing strategies like white hat search engine optimisation (Google approved SEO), pay per click (PPC) campaigns, reputation marketing, social media marketing, acquiring good backlinks, and providing high quality content with creative unconventional guerrilla marketing. In this way, gorilla marketing takes the best from both worlds to not only bring big results, but importantly, broaden the scope of those results. It is the broadening of the SCOPE of marketing tactics that allows our clients to dominate their respective niches!

Many web developers crow about their success with one, or perhaps a few, specific marketing strategies. For example, they may direct most, if not all, of their clients toward PPC campaigns. They may have honed this standard technique to the degree that they can produce positive, even impressive, results for most, if not all, of their clients that have a big enough budget to launch a successful PPC campaign in their particular niche (it can take a lot of money to do so!). However, PPC by itself has built-in limitations on how many new customers or clients this standard technique can actually bring in. Thus, even if a business performs exceptionally well with a PPC campaign, or even an extensive series of PPC campaigns, a business can only garner one narrow segment of a much larger pool of potential customers or clients using PPC alone.

The Glasgow Gorilla prefers to keep the big picture in mind when developing and tailoring a custom marketing strategy for each of his clients. In doing so, he assesses how his clients can perform across the entire spectrum of marketing possibilities, including both conventional and unconventional techniques. In customising the plan for each specific client, he can pick and choose different elements from tried and true conventional marketing methods and then add to the plan some really unique unconventional approaches inspired by the guerrilla marketing approach.

To truly dominate a niche, a business cannot just use conventional marketing techniques nor can they rely solely on unconventional techniques, at least not in 2016! The reason for this is simple. A business cannot reach the entire scope of potential new customers or clients by using only conventional or unconventional techniques. It seems that most online marketers fall into one camp or the other without understanding the synergistic value of using both simultaneously.

It is also true that many self-proclaimed online marketers simply can’t master both conventional and unconventional marketing techniques, particularly the unconventional methods which require innate creativity and an exceptionally keen intellect. In fact, many self-proclaimed online marketers struggle to rise to the top of just the conventional side of online marketing. Some end up being “one trick ponies” mastering only a single type of conventional online marketing. However, instead of marketing themselves as marketing specialists in a specific segment of marketing, they attempt to pass themselves off as a full menu online marketer. This is unfortunate for their clients. Even if they produce “big results” with the techniques they specialise in, their clients will still struggle to dominate their respective niches since they are not collecting potential customers and clients from the entire scope of possibilities.

Given the above, it should be stated that gorilla marketing is not something that can be mastered by everyone with a desire to do so because it requires a great deal of innate talent and creativity to broaden the scope of online marketing to the full gamut of possibilities. However, it is something that every business hoping to dominate their niche should strive for. Furthermore, they should find an online marketer with the scope of skills and execution provided by the Glasgow Gorilla.

The Glasgow Gorilla has an uncanny ability to make adjustments on where to place resources depending on each of his client’s niches (and subniches within niches), budget, and business philosophy. He also has the ability to rapidly evolve and tweak marketing methods as needed to broaden the scope of the marketing reach even more as internet technology and internet culture changes. This ability likely stems from his willingness and experience in trying totally novel approaches to marketing while still keeping up with the techniques that are steady and proven.

By combining proven conventional marketing strategies with low cost (or no cost) guerrilla marketing, he is able to provide clients with a modest to medium budget more bang for their limited buck. In some cases, he can teach his clients how to enact their own guerrilla marketing tactics, or at least some of them, while he concentrates on techniques that only a true expert can do well. Crowdporting and bartering with non-profits are both excellent examples of this. Thus, he can become a partner, not just a director, in his client’s overall marketing plan.

When you work with the Glasgow Gorilla, you never know what new marketing techniques, or combination of techniques, may transpire when the full moon makes its arc across the sky